The Fear of What Other People Think, Prisoner in Our Own Mind:

- By Bahram Maskanian

Constantly worrying about and living with the fear of what other people think?

The greatest confinement and most difficult to scape from is the prison, a dark hiding place we built in our own mind to hide from shame and the fear of what other people think?  You are effectively shamed of being whom you are, you are told that no matter how good and decent you may be, nevertheless you are a sinner, all of us, the humanity are born no good sinners. 

Since the overthrow of the thriving matriarchal social governing system rule of 8,000 years, and replacing it with the brutal, criminal and barbaric patriarchal Judaism and its two derivatives: Christianity and Islam, beginning little over 3,000 years ago, the criminally minded political hustlers and the religious mullahs have been exploiting this fear of what other people think as part of their many arsenals and mind control tools very successfully.

All they needed to do was writing it down in a form of religious manual, known as bible and tell the ignorant masses this is the law given to them exclusively by the lord, at the late hours of the night, in a dark cave, when no one was looking, where no one was around, to be handed down to you, the public!

Keep in mind that all of these all male political hustlers and the religious mullahs, without exception, have been nothing but bunch of pedophiles; living intimately in caves together with domesticated animals and kidnaped, or bought slave boys.

If this lord did really exist, she could have appeared at high noon in the center of town and villages and say what she wanted directly to the people, after all she is the lord and all mighty and wise.  Why would she use bunch of criminal bastards to deliver her message to the people, why not do it directly, since the message is intended for the public anyway!

They then enforce and compel you to follow these idiotic manmade crap; by instilling the fear of the non-existing hell, and promises of high rewards of non-existing heaven for your conformity, of living the life of shame and poverty, pain and misery, or suffering barbaric punishments conducted brutally in Public Square, etc., while the very same political hustlers and the religious mullahs themselves are living in lap of luxury, doing all that supposedly sends one directly to hell.  

Now the question is why out of all human behavior prohibit sex, making it sinful?  Why denigrate female human beings to a subservient level and beneath their male counter part, scraped of all their inalienable rights, not even allowed to speak?  Why make the barbaric practice of slavery and the other two, ordained holy laws?

Simple, because these pedophiles: political hustlers and the religious mullahs, through personal experience have gained the knowledge of what sexual frustration harmful affects are and how they can easily be exploited for their own benefits. 

Long-term sexual frustration causes a highly violent state of mind.  All religious wars of genocide, plunder and dominations could have be won only by utilizing; rootless, sexually frustrated, violent men who would do anything in hope of gaining wealth, power and the means of owning female, or male slaves, or both.  Thus following their idiotic and barbaric religious manuals to go to heaven to get more sex slaves there, is this male god they are worshiping a pimp?

The religious manual’s prescribed inequality between woman and man, deliberately denigrating women to unequal subservient status, where whose sole purpose in life will always be to serve narcissistic men, involved in a relationship based on manmade lies created by the patriarchal psychopaths, a clear recipe for disaster. The patriarchal: all male political hustlers and the religious mullahs have been using fear to further their own agenda and narcissistic ambitions at an unimaginable loss, in terms of human life, human knowledge and discovery, where countless scientists brutally murdered, burned on stick as heretics.

If you do not trust the Hubble telescope and all other observatories all around the Earth, you can make a small investment of a few hundred dollars and buy your own telescope to see for yourself, up in the sky, that there is no heaven. Furthermore, we all know there is no hell deep within the Planet Earth; rather it is full of heavy metal core at the center and molten rock, magma, or volcanic lava, surfacing in many places all around our beloved Planet Earth.

Just for giggles, let say you were the god and in the time span of billions of years built our massive, magnificent and brilliant Universe, filled with countless billions of Galaxies, one of which would be our Milky Way Galaxy, filled with millions of planetary solar systems, similar to our planetary solar system and stars, could you have possibly forgotten that all the stars and their planets are all round globes, not a flat rectangular surface???

We must never forget that morality, integrity, honor, honesty, ethics, reason and common sense are all combination of learned and built in human qualities and attributes.  We should also understand that all of the criminal, violent and evil conducts are all learned behavior.  We should never allow any political, religious, or any other group to take away our natural ability to be good, compassionate and caring human beings, by teaching us and our children the horrible fabricated myths of religion, any religion!   

Now that you know, you must break the shackles and free your self from the prison of shame and what other people may think?   Be a good, compassionate and caring human being, live your life using the unmatched power of reason, common sense principles and ethical standards as your guide.

Bill Maher - The Mass Delusion