The Venus Project - Love and Live Album Press Release

The Venus Project is proud to present it's two distinctly original music albums "Love And Live" and "Adore Me", both of which contain highly inspiring and rhythmic music, uplifting, pleasing, meaningful, original and timeless lyrics, true works of art, songs that would please and massage the soul and lift the spirit.

The full-length album "Love And Live" features 12 songs, exhibiting a wide variety of musical styles and forms. Incorporating the influences of many different techniques, genre and cultures. Ranging from exciting mix of Persian Belly Dance rhythms, Samba, Mambo, Rumba and world melodies to erotic, pulsating, tropical grooves, jazz, rhythm and blues, to thrilling dance pieces, soft romantic love songs and hard-hitting club sounds.

"Adore Me" album consists of 6 erotic, sensual, female empowering, melodic and provocative songs, 3 of the Adore Me album songs are with female vocals uttering fun explicit (R) rated lyrics and 3 are instrumentals. - The "Adore Me" album highly entertaining and meaningful songs are written from female’s points of views, reflecting and amplifying women expectations, desires and needs for enjoying and maintaining a healthy romantic relationship. The deliberate use of the a few explicit words in "Adore Me" lyrics is for capturing male genders’ attention.

Both "Love And Live" and "Adore Me" incorporate the influence of many different styles that would take you on a musical journey evoking an array of thoughts and emotions, by utilizing the universal language of music to stress positivity and introduce thought provoking ideas and emotions. The underlying message of "Love And Live" and "Adore Me" is one of enlightenment through entertainment. The subject matter of the songs' lyrics includes: Love, Friendship, Peace, Sex, Mother Nature, Religion, and the Power of Human Spirit.

The unique lyrics, melodies and music for "Love And Live" and "Adore Me" were written and produced by Bahram Maskanian. Bahram wrote the lyrics based upon his original poetry and selected various cultural instruments and musical concepts to create music that appeals to a universal audience of all ages. Consisting of and reflecting diverse cultural backgrounds, these musical concepts and interactions have resulted in tracks that mix styles to form and communicate a rhythmic and poetic philosophy.

Bahram Maskanian is a Persian-American man, he is advocate of reason, common sense principles and ethical standards, an environmentalist, humanist, political and social justice, human rights, female equal rights, gender equality activist, essayist, songwriter, producer, poet and the founder of the Venus Project Foundation, an educational, non-profit 501(c)(3) public advocacy organization based in Manhattan, New York City.

"Love And Live" and "Adore Me" were arranged by Shahe Sinanoglu and were tracked and recorded by Daniel Cinelli at Planet Studios in Montreal. Vocals, backup vocals, mixing and Sax tracks were recorded at Cove City Sound Studio, Inc. in New York. Brian Harding captured the amazing versatile vocals of Vita Corimbi. Richie Cannata played the Sax tracks for 3 songs ("Tough Enough," "No Guarantee", "If You Only Knew"). Christine Clark sang the backup vocals. Mixing credit goes to Dan Hetzel and his assistant Jim Annunziato. Tom Brick of Absolute Audio in Manhattan is responsible for Mastering.

"I always wanted to develop a new musical art form that would present a blend of great music and inspiring lyrics - yet retain original trend setting sounds and ideas. I believe art should reflect life". Said Bahram Maskanian, songwriter and producer.

The "Love And Live" and "Adore Me" songs are now available for purchase as MP3 digital format online at iTunes Music Store.

"I always wanted to develop a new musical art form that would present a blend of great music and inspiring lyrics - yet retain original trend setting sounds and ideas. I believe art should reflect life". Said Bahram Maskanian, Venus Project’s founder, song writer and producer.


Adore Me Music Album The Erotic Experiment CD

Adore Me and the Erotic Experiment albums are $14 dollars each, including shipping. The Love and Live album is $22 dollars, including shipping within U.S. Please send your check, or money order, made to: Jadue, Inc. to the address below:

Jadue, Inc.
6102 5th Ave, Unit 205390
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Due to the - R - rated nature of the Erotic Experiment content we are unable to provide sample. But we are offering 30 days money back guarantee.

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