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Relationship and Sex Counselor

Experience and share the wonderful Tantra knowledge with your lover / partner, Tantra is sexual a journey, which will touch your mind, heart, body and soul, joining you with your lover partner in a more deeply connected way than you ever new or felt before. Tantra teaches you to let go of any built up barriers, or walls. You will only be able to go to a place of love and oneness, worship and adoration.

You want to take your relationship to a higher more connected level than it is right now.

You are interested in learning more about yourself and your partner.

Your relationship has become disconnected on an emotional and intimate level and you are looking for a way of igniting the passion between you and your lover again.

You want to let go of the barriers and road-blocks that have been built up over time.

You want to spice up your love life by learning how to create intimate connection and emotional connection, rather than it being perhaps a “mundane activity”.

You deeply desire to experience lovemaking with your partner that comes from a heart space of worshiping your goddess, your partner / lover.

If you know and feel your relationship is missing something substantial, big part of that is the intimate physical closeness that makes a relationship as a couple as close and as connected as it can be.

I see people whom have become disconnected in real need of learning where to restart, or how it could be possible to break down the walls.

Tantra is about worshiping your partner, connecting with your lover and loving her / him from mind, body and soul. You will experience a true connection to your partner again by learning to access the power of eye contact, the power of breathing, the very special and sacred tantric food ritual, which delights the five senses. You will learn and experience the art of touch by learning the techniques of giving and receiving massage by your partner and to your partner.

You will learn how to communicate with your partner by discovering what it is that is important to you both in your daily lives. You’ll have the opportunity to uncover what you feel you have been tolerating, and what you feel you may have been missing out on. Rediscover your shared goals and dreams.

As a Relationship Coach, I will give you strategies to move forward so you’ll easily make the changes you are wanting, providing you with the techniques and skills to deepen your relationship and bond to your life partner enabling you to build a strong, solid relationship that is with someone who’ll never want to leave you. This is more than just learning Tantra from a physical aspect, as you will be given Relationship strategies that are invaluable to know.

Learn how to meet your partner’s 6 human needs and share with them what you are wanting and what inspires you. We all have 6 human needs, which must be filled. If you are not meeting your partner’s needs or meeting them on a very low level, chances are your relationship does not feel strong or tightly bonded.

Practicing a Tantric way of life, acknowledging these 6 Human Needs of your partner are very important and make a huge difference to the depth of love and heartfelt understanding you will begin to experience and share together in a way you may never have before.

Give yourself the chance to learn to enhance your relationship and let go of the resistance. If you are interested in learning to enjoy a Tantric Life with your partner, this is a perfect way to spice up your life, connect more deeply than ever before. Many people use this experience to reconnect and move toward saving their relationship or becoming inspired together to love and enjoy life again.

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