Eden Adele - Erotic Shop Sex and Relationship Coach / Counselor

Eden Adele is a Relationship Communication Trainer who specializes in people over 40, heterosexual, preferring couple relationships whether currently in one or not. Call her if: You're an empty nester suffering from passion amnesia and want to know how to get your sexy back since the kids are gone.

You're an overachiever who has focused so much on accomplishment, you can no longer show the vulnerability that intimacy requires - and you want to know how. You've been emotionally scarred by betrayal, anger, abuse, and misuse - but inside you still ache to experience the love you've always known existed but seems to keep eluding YOU.

You're wishing that there was an "about relationship" manual somewhere that you could just read and learn to get this love thing right for a change. Your sexual sensations are dwindling or gone and you want to reclaim the wonder, magic, and majesty of transcendent orgasmic ecstasy. You want a direct, effective pathway and blueprint from where you are sexually to where you want to be.

She is affectionately known as 'The Passionator' and is the author of the bestseller, SatisFillment: Your PROVEN Pathway to Power. As the founder of Get Back to Passion Institute, she is a speaker, media personality, and conference hostess. Her experience makes her well able to see the macro problem and create micro solutions that are practical, simple, highly effective - and most of all - repeatable. Your trust in her guidance will be enhancing your life for years after your last conversation.

She is direct AND compassionate; caring AND kick ass; wise AND intelligent. She will absolutely make the most of the time you grant her. She schedules clients M - F from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST. Her calendar is filling quickly, so please offer at least two preferred meeting times in order to better accommodate you.

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