Sex and Relationship Coaches and Counselors

Emma Love - Erotic Shop Sex and Relationship Coach - Counselor Christy Goldstein - Erotic Shop Sex and Relationship Coach - Counselor
Eden Adele - Erotic Shop Sex and Relationship Coach - Counselor Shamar Starks - Erotic Shop Sex and Relationship Coach - Counselor Shay Morgan - Erotic Shop Sex and Relationship Coach - Counselor
Timaree Schmit - Erotic Shop Sex and Relationship Coach - Counselor Timaree Schmit - Erotic Shop Sex and Relationship Coach - Counselor  

Join the Erotic Shop's Sexual Evolution, and get ready for the utopian life on Earth

Engage and explore your desires from the depths of your soul. The Erotic Shop healers will take you on a journey of self-exploration, teaching you how to discover and embrace your deep hidden sexual desires. Whether you are suffering from loss of sexual interest and romance, or inability to perform and achieve sexual arousal, or unable to express and share your true desires coupled with difficulty in maintaining intimacy in your relationship, we can help guide you to resolve the said issues.

By utilizing informative and enlightening proven teaching techniques and discussions, we shall guide you through the pathway of romance, intimacy and sexual arousal. We will help you to learn your own unique and healthy means of greater intimacy, increased sexual arousal and fulfillment of your desires while culminating through your unified senses.

The Erotic Shop healers in their infinite wisdom shall safely guide you toward removing all self-made and self-imposed health, emotional and sexual obstacles, blocking your path to sexual ecstasy and happy fulfilling romantic relationship. We will teach you how to ignite and reawaken your senses, rekindle your sexual passion between you and your partner, strengthen your emotional and sexual bond, thus inspiring true harmonious, healthy and loving relationship and sex life.

Ancient and Modern Sexual Philosophies and Techniques:

Our counselors are also profession in many ancient and modern sexual philosophies. Capable of teaching you all you need to know to achieve your best. The Erotic Shop healers will provide you with a safe, comfortable, nurturing and discreet environment, conducive for opening one’s heart and mind for sharing one’s thoughts, desires, fantasies and all unresolved sexual and emotional needs and issues. We shall guide you and your partner to gain a healthy perspective into each other’s sexual, physical, mental and emotional needs and how to fulfill those needs and desires in a healthy fashion.

Healthy Mind is in a Healthy Body:

The Erotic Shop sexual healing counselors are experts in the art of healthy and fruitful living. As human beings, in order to perform our optimum level of physical and mental abilities, first and for most, we must be physically healthy. Healthy body will give us healthy mind. Healthy mind and healthy body shall make achieving any task in life much easier. The biggest and most powerful sex organ in human body is brain, therefore to enjoy an on going sexual ecstasy we need to have healthy mind and healthy body to transform our sexual encounters from mediocre sex, to journeys of sexual ecstasy and discovery.

Sexual Healing - Telephone and E-mail Counseling Services

the erotic shop telephone counseling and coaching servicesOur expert coaches and counselors, will be happy to walk you through the necessary steps you need to take, informing you about the facts of sexual impairments and sexual healing and discuss with you our many exciting, new organic and proven healthy healing methods over the phone. Our telephone consulting service is the very same enlightening and comforting service, we offer in person, only we are talking and guiding you over the phone, whenever you need caring guidance and a helping hand.

Our session fees are very reasonable, send us a brief description of your issues and we will get back to you with information, letting you know whether or not we are able to help you plus the cost.

We can communicate with you via e-mail, or by phone. Our one hour-long telephone session will cost $150. Or you may communicate with our counselors by e-mail at the cost of $100 dollars for five (5) e-mails. Please send your check or money order to our parent company below.

Jadue, Inc.
6102 5th Ave, Unit 205390
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Please keep in mind that we are not in sex, or pornography business. - We are in the business of teaching new ways of true happiness, life altering sexual ecstasy and long lasting love. - We are experienced, dedicated healers and teachers, profession in the wisdom of human sexuality, love and happiness.

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